Refund Policy

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Essay Labs guarantees to provide its customers with 100% original and error-free content. However, in case of any dissatisfaction, we provide our customers a complete refund.

Thus, we strongly encourage our customers to read, examine and abide by our Refund Policy before placing any order in order to develop a clear understanding about a quick refund. Here are some of the conditions when we offer you refund:

  • In case if the customer is not fully satisfied with the delivered order even after having 7 rounds of revision, he or she has complete authority to contact our customer support team to report a detailed complaint about the problem. In such a case, Essay Labs will be responsible to take the following actions:
    • Assign another writer who is capable to complete the customer's assignment successfully within the deadline without any difficulties.
    • OR
    • Provide a complete refund to the customer.

  • Essay Labs reserves all the rights to accept or reject its customers' refund requests since Issues such as minor delays in order delivery or minor errors in the content are not entitled for a full refund. However, in such cases, customers can negotiate with the company and ask for a partial refund.
  • If the customer's credit card is charged twice by mistake, Essay Labs will be held responsible to refund the extra amount to the customer.

Contact And Dispute Resolution Policy

  • In case if the customer isn't completely satisfied and happy with the delivered content, then he or she should first notify the authorities of Essay Labs instead of contacting any third party for further settlement.
  • If both the parties - Essay Labs and the customer - fail to settle the issue within a time period of 2 weeks, the customer is then allowed to contact any third party for further negotiation on the respective issue.
  • If the customer fails to inform Essay Labs before contacting any third party or asking for a chargeback, it will be considered as a violation of the contract and the matter will be dealt with accordingly.